The SDMO MICS Telys 1 digital control panel 
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    The SDMO MICS Telys 1 digital control panel

    * Product discontinued by SDMO Generator Factory * 

    * New Digital Control Panel, RETROFIT KIT *

     The SDMO MICS Telys 1 Digital Control Panel is a generator control panel that provides in depth control of compatible SDMO generators. 

    Flexible generator operation
    The MICS Telys 1 allows generator operation directly from the user-friendly operation screen, and offers settings for both normal and abnormal operation scenarios. Abnormal operation scenarios include the presence of an alarm or fault; during abnormal operation, the default control panel is altered to display information about the fault or alarm. The control panel allows for stop, manual, automatic and test modes for optimal efficiency and safety; with the right interfacing, users can also operate the control system via WiFi access.

    A trustworthy product

    You can trust in the functionality of the Telys 1 thanks to its certification as a 100 percent original product. The digital control panel is not a Chinese clone aftermarket part, so you can rely on quality and compatibility. The product is engineered and manufactured exclusively by SDMO, a division of Kohler Power Productions, in France. As the 3rd largest diesel generator manufacturer in the world, SDMO is able to bring expertise to the creation of the Telys 1 digital control panel. 

    The Telys 1 features a one year international warranty, providing even more peace of mind for the investment. A year of technical support is also included, ensuring convenient expert sources for installation or maintenance questions. 

    Control panel highlights important generator information

    The display screen of the MICS Telys 1 control panel provides important generator information at a glance, which can make maintenance easier, especially during critical situations. The display lets users see revolutions per minute, fuel levels and battery voltage. Other display information includes current and amperage. Each piece of information is essential to efficient generator operation, and the wrong battery voltage or RPM can signify a dangerous situation brewing in the generator. The control panel readout lets technicians keep generators pumping while maintaining a safe environment in the facility.

    Comprehensive alarms

    The digital control panel is equipped with a comprehensive set of alarms. LED lights help signify various alarms, helping to ensure that generator mechanics or technicians stay aware of various situations at all times. Alarms sound or light when water temperature is at a failed level or when oil pressure is incorrect. Alarms also let technicians know when the generator is ready to take a load or the charge alternator fails. Other alarms include general or unknown faults in the machinery, an overspeed shutdown and an overcranking failure.

    Comprehensive menu

    The MICS Telys 1 digital control panel features six menu selections for complete generator control. In addition to an alarm menu, technicians can access menus and readouts for inputs, outputs and status of the machine. A fourth menu lets users control the display, and two other menus gives users access to protect mode and operational reporting.

    With numerous certifications, including appropriate ISO certifications, the SDMO MICS Telys 1 digital control panel is highly operational and easy for use in a generator environment. From safety to efficiency, the control panel lets users take control of the situation.

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    Brand New, 1 Years International Warranty

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