Mecc Alte Alternators Spare Parts

MeccAlte Alternators and Spares

Mecc Alte is a world leader in the production of synchronous alternators. The standard products of Macfarlane Generators are listed in this section, divided into four categories for simplicity of consultation. Call us for all Meccalte Alternators, AVRs and accessories. 

2-Pole Mecc Alte Alternators
Mecc Alte 2-Pole generators are available in the capacity of 1-20 kVA for industrial applications where a simple mobile power source is needed.

4-Pole Mecc Alte Alternators
Mecc Alte 4-pole generators are available in the capacity of 3.5kVA to 2500kVA.

Mecc Alte AVR
Genuine OEM Automatic Volltage Regulators and Control Modules to suit MeccAlte Alternators

Mecc Alte Welding Generators
Mecc Alte has AC and DC welding generators. HM series are AC generators and PW series are DC generators. Whereas, EPW series is electronic DC welder generators.


Ace Power Products, LLC is a top provider of generator parts and supplies, and we strive to provide our customers with top-of-the-line products. One of the top brands that we offer here at Ace Power Products, LLC is the Stamford Generator. Founded over a century ago, alternators are produced from Cummins Generator Technologies under the renowned STAMFORD and AvK brands, setting the industry standard with a wide range the extends from 7.5 to 11,200kVA, and moreover is able to fit any generator set configurations. Ace Power Products, LLC provide a range of Stamford Generators, available for businesses and personal use in the United States. Read on to learn more about why Stamford AC generators is a top choice for anybody seeking these types of utilities as well as about the types of generators that we at Ace Power Products, LLC provide!

All STAMFORD and AvK brands are manufactured by Cummins Generator Technologies, who was founded in 2014 and currently sets the industry standard. Stamford products can be utilized in a variety of applications, but the common factor is that Cummins Generator Technologies are able to work to a single standard for not only our products but our services as well, internationally all over the world. Stamford generators are produced from six different manufacturing plants which are based in Europe, Asia, and India, and they all work towards one global standard so that each of the plants are able to build products to the same exacting quality which distinguishes Stamford ac generators from the other similar products in the industry. Stamford generators are all produced using sophisticated manufacturing technologies, advanced systems, common practices, and rigorous testing techniques in order to make sure that Stamford and AvK alternators are able to last a long time. Cummins Inc., is the global power leader and Fortune 500 company who produces these Stamford generators, and are known for their various innovative solutions for power and electrical needs.

When it comes to alternators less than 2,000 kVA, Stamford (Newage) is the acknowledged leader around the world. Not only is Stamford highly efficient, but the company who produces Stamford products is a leader when it comes to technology in this industry. Here at Ace Power Products, LLC we dedicate ourselves to providing our clients and customers with only the best, which is why Stamford is in our inventory. Well known in the industry for their enhanced performance and rugged reliability, the Stamford line of generator ends that we at Ace Power Products, LLC provide are recognized for their quality and versatility throughout the world, with reputable designs providing the highest standards in manufacturing, allowing dependable power generation. Here at Ace Power Products, LLC we provide the Stamford Generator Electrical End from 12.5 to 250 KW, as well as a variety of Stamford/Cummins generator alternators with different phases. Simply contact Ace Power Products, LLC for your top Stamford products and electrical needs!

Ace Power Products, LLC provides Stamford AC generators all over the USA. Call Ace Power Products, LLC today for your Stamford Generator!

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