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Mitsubishi Diesel Eng - SL-Series 15 to 39 HP

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    QtyPart NumberDescription
    1 AKFH-1544 Lube oil filter
    1 AKFG-1583 Fuel filter
    1 MD041704 Fan belt
    1 31B0413201 Rocker cover gasket
    1 31B9406020 Complete gasket set
    1 P775298 Heavy duty air filter safety cartridge
    1 P772578 Heavy duty air filter main cartridge
    1 31A9000500 Oil pressure switch
    1 MM432104 Water temperature switch
    12 MD016483 Valve collet
    6 MM43330601 Valve spring washer
    1 31B6600101 Electric starter
    1 31A6800402 Charging Alternator
    1 31A4700200 Bottom radiator hose
    1 31A4700100 Top radiator hose
    3 31A0102600 Inlet valve guide
    3 31A0102500 Outlet valve guide
    3 MM43594101 Complete fuel injector
    3 30A1900040 Connecting rod bearing std
    1 31A0901010 Main bearing set std
    3 MM437295 Piston rings set std
    6 MD115472 Valve seal
    1 31A4601200 Thermostat seal
    1 31A4610101 Thermostat seal (housing)
    3 MD070717 Injector seal
    3 31B6110100 Fuel return gasket
    1 31A0702300 Leap seal crank rear
    1 MD008762 Kit leap seal crank front
    3 MD603660 Fuel Injector nozzle
    3 31A1711100 Piston
    1 MM409302 Complete water pump
    1 30A6000200 Fuel lift pump
    1 31B6503030 Injection pump
    6 31A0401301 Valve spring
    1 M371X71973 Solenoid (starter)
    3 31A0440100 Inlet valve
    3 31A0420200 Outlet valve
    1 MD001370 Thermostat


    • Ribbed thin-wall cast iron crankcase for added strength and durability
    • Internal crankcase breather for reduced emissions
    • Extra large bearing surfaces for low bearing loads and long life


    • Designed to run at 30 degrees of inclination and includes a full flow spin-on cartridge filter
    • Forced circulation by trochoid gear pump
    • S3L2: 1.10 gal (4.2 ltr) S4L2: 1.58 gal (6.0 ltr)


    • Bosch style fuel injection pump
    • Indirect injection combustion system for low noise and emissions
    • Cylinder head is a pre-chamber design to increase efficiency of combustion


    • Standard crankcase side mounting pads for flexible mounting arrangements
    • Rear engine support available from side mounting pads on SAE 5 housing


    • Forced circulation by centrifugal pump
    • Cooling packages available for ambient temperatures up to 108o F (42o C)
    • Variable Speed (VS)--Suction Generator Drive (GD)--Pusher


    • Starter: 12V, S3L2: 1.7kW, S4L2: 2.0kW
    • Alternator: 12V, 50 amp with integral regulator
    • Glow Plugs: 12V
    • High water temperature and low oil pressure switches
    • Stop Solenoid: 12V integrated ETR stop solenoid eliminates external linkage


    • Mechanical governing is provided for either variable or constant speeds


    • SAE 5 flywheel housing and 7.5in SAE flywheel (GD & VS models)
    • Rotation direction: counter-clockwise, facing the flywheel end
    • Side PTO drives are available for mounting at the gear end
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